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This wiki will contain stuff only about Bleach.Bleach Fans can contribute thier thoughts of bleach in this wiki.They can edit a page or create a new page


This is a wiki only for bleach fan and lover who have watched Bleach Series and know about almost everything about bleach. People who want to contribut to my wiki page that is BleachDanFan I would be very thankful.I want to inform all the people that if the want to contribute to the page they should write in English an only about Bleach. As you know Bleach has temporarily be canceled so there are no more videos coming. Any user can write there thoughts, imaginations and new ideas for bleach. So please co-orparate with me and I'll try my best to keep this wiki nice and clean and also organized. This is new wiki which I DanifanDBZ founded 11-4-13 at night so there are not as much things and stuff as other wiki have but I'll try my best to make this wiki nice.

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