Bleach is an anime series featuring Ichigo Kurasaki as main character of the series. In the start of the series the series shows Ichigo Kurasaki fighting some guys who just broke the flower glass of the invisible ghost child. One thing I forgot to mention about Ichigo that he is 15 years old high School kid in the start of the series. He is a very serious guy with orange hair and aggressive attitude. Basically this series is all about sword fighting. In the first episode of this series was that a girl name Rukia who came from the other world also known as Soul Society. People from soul society are not humans, there are dead people who came to this world because of thier good deed and other people are called Soul Reaper also know as Shinigami.They live in Seriti inside the soul socity. There job are to kill and eliminate Hollow,an disgusting bad looking monter who eat humans soul.

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